Management Profiles

At DORIS care is taken to ensure management remains dynamic, in tune with customer requirements and quickly able to respond to changing circumstances and demands.

The Management Team consists of personnel who have all gained experience at sea as well as having acquired a considerable amount of experience working ashore. The wealth, skills and knowledge on which the business functions ensures customers can rely on the services being provided.

nicolasNicolas Wirth launched DORIS in 1983 after a number of years at sea acquiring a fist mate’s certificate, subsequently a B.Sc. in maritime studies from UWIST in the UK and having worked for Cargill Int. and as a Director of Acomarit in Geneva. His knowledge, experience and skills in the maritime sector are extensive and ideally suited to carrying out the role and responsibilities of the CEO.


captCapt. Parvez Chan after attending a naval academy began his seagoing career in 1977 on reefer, general cargo ships and bulk carriers. Having served in various ranks with intermittent periods ashore in ship management companies and attained his Master Mariner he joined DORIS as Operations Manager in 2001.


muscatEngineer Vincent Muscat based in Malta is the Company’s Technical Manager. Having spent 10 years at sea as a qualified engineer, followed by a term in a shipyard as an assistant project manager and more than 20 years in operations and the technical management of ships, Vincent is well qualified for his current role.


Roberta Della Bianca joined Doris Maritime as the Accountant more than 15 years ago. Having worked previously in an import and export environment Roberta was already well versed in dealing with and maintaining accounts in different currencies and familiar with international trade and finance procedures. Roberta and her team provide support to management and the every day accounting matters.

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