Established in 1983 and closely connected with US business Rand & Company Inc, DORIS is run by chief executive officer Nicolas Wirth, a graduate of maritime studies from Cardiff University. Possessing an extensive knowledge and level of expertise in the technical and commercial management of ships, gained from nearly 40 years of work within the maritime industry, Nicolas today leads a team of dedicated professionals engaged in the technical, commercial and financial management of ships.

« The company also has an office in Amsterdam and a crewing company based in Manila, and its primary activity since 2002 has been ship management, » Nicolas says. “DORIS has ten shore staff working in Western Europe, 12 in Manila and approximately 850 currently at sea. These crewmembers are the most important of all the ingredients that have made DORIS so successful over the years. A ship owner can have good finances and good technical developments, but having a good crew is absolutely essential.