Shifting from shipowning to shipmanagement, Geneva-based Doris never loses its compass despite the general chaos

Geneva, Switzerland – “Are we in an expansion mood? Perhaps it’s not the most appropriate picture. Let’s say we’ve been able to positively change our strategic pattern adapting ourselves to the changes in the general trend.

However, just to give a hint of what’s going on, we formerly occupied a storey more in this same office block in Rue de Jeunes” opens Nicolas Wirth, CEO and owner of Geneva-based Doris Maritime Services SA group, which includes Amsterdam-based Naess Shipmanagement and Manila-based Pearl Grace sister companies, and a technical department in Malta, run by Vincent Muscat. The parent company’s name was picked up from Greek mythology, as Doris was mother to the 50 mermaids named Nereids after their father’s name, often companions to the sea god Poseidon and friendly to sailors, although actually, the group’s fleet never reached this number (18 at its utmost expansion).